Hello, and welcome to my Frank Thomas website!

This Frank Thomas website has become a display of my collection and a tradelist. It is also my goal to obtain high quality scans of every Frank Thomas card from 1987-1996. So, if you have some scans you would like to donate, please feel free to contact me at info@bighurtcollector.com. Creating scans of my entire collection to 1996 is very time consuming so I am constantly adding scans. I do not have a copy of every Frank Thomas card through 1996.

I began collecting in the late 80s with no particular focus at the time. I soon however obtained a focus - Frank Thomas cards. Nearly my entire Frank Thomas collection has been obtained from trading with other collectors and not from buying. I am always trading for any Thomas card. Sift through all the pages and drop me a line (or use the feedback form on the contact page) if you have any comments/suggestions or would like to trade. I am usually on Card Board Talk or Sports Card Forum. I am also adding new web pages and scans to my site as well, so check back frequenly. Happy collecting!